The Training

 The Tantric Shamanism Mystery School

joy.leapThis seven month long, in depth training in the methods and mysteries of Tantric Shamanism will be an opportunity to WAKE UP the sleeping giant that you are. Over the years, I’ve seen some pretty unbalanced giants out there… strong in mind but weak in spirit, strong in spirit but emotionally imbalanced, Emotionally intelligent, but lacking in material well being and so on….   The real deal for holistic transformation INCLUDES all the aspects of your being. Get your body, mind, emotions and spirit aligned and empowered. The earth needs each of us to step into our full power so that together, we can shepherd in a new era on this planet. Are you hearing the call? Come on people, Let’s do this thing! We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Sylvia Brallier.Pine.smMy name is Sylvia Brallier. I’ve been practicing and sharing Tantric Shamanism practices for close to three decades. In that time, I have had the honor of witnessing miraculous transformations occur for those who have participated in this work. I’m particularly excited about this new program. I’ve been honing this powerful body of spiritual practices that are highly effective tools for refining and igniting people to step into their full potential. These practices will help you come into balance and step you up for the Big Work that needs to happen here and now on this planet. If this vision for transformation appeals to you, I’d like to support you. I’m confident in your ability to make it happen if it is something you really want. 

The Details
The Tantric Shamanism Institute is in The East Bay of San Francisco. Classes are held one day a month (on a weekend) for 6 months in a row. Then we finish up with a weekend long retreat for the seventh month. This training entails life enhancing practices, initiations, challenges that support for you to be the highest version of you that you can dream up. This is open to 25 people who feel ready to rarefy, refine and develop their energy bodies, clear their emotional body, and develop their spiritual gifts and effectiveness in the world.

The training dates currently set  for 2016 are: January 30th, Feb 20th, Mar 19th, April 16th, May 14th, June 18th, July 16th, 17th

Interested in coming to a training in San Diego, L.A., Las Vegas, MA or a week long retreat in the Caribbean? Click on the location link to let us know. When 25 people have signed up, we can begin.

Are you ready?
Sunset treeLet us know as soon as possible. The 2016 winter training will fill sooner than you might think. We recommend enrolling as soon as possible. Group activities will occur on a Saturday or a Sunday depending on the training schedule. In addition, there will be opportunities for inner work between retreats as well as check in groups between sessions.

The cost for the entire program in the San Francisco bay area is $800. Over time payment is available to those who need it. (via post dated checks, cashed monthly.)This link will take you to paypal to pay the deposit. Or you can pay $100 by check to: Sylvia Brallier, 5336 Brookwood Ct., El Sobrante, CA 94803.

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