Video Testimonials




“I’ve known Sylvia in many different capacities for 20 years. She is a gifted healer, an insightful and talented teacher, and a powerful facilitator of transformation. Working with Sylvia is a turbo boost to anyone’s process. Don’t let her wacky sense of humor and wicked laugh fool you– this woman means serious business.”

Morwen Two Feathers

“Sylvia is an excellent teacher with a warm and playful personality. She has a deep experience of Shamanism and has found ways to guide the average person into having a direct experience with the spirit world as well as their own true natures. Her techniques are accessible and easy to implement but powerful and life-changing at the same time.
I heartily recommend her workshops and trainings to anyone who is interested in spiritual growth.”

Joan Paulette Dudley


“Sylvia Brallier changes lives on impact with her contagious passion for life lived fully and wisdom that plunges you deep into the core of your soul. Her laughter alone at the door of our worst fears emboldens us to risk. Think of her as a transformative ingredient to get you where you are going. Not only do I consider her one of the most powerful personal growth teachers in the world but I am also who I am as a leader myself with her intuitive and powerful guidance. If you don’t want to be all of who you were born to be then don’t get near her.”

ALisa Starkweather
Founder and Facilitator of many Women’s Empowerment Programs

Sylvia’s humility, kindness, wisdom and unconditional love radiate from her being.  She is SO connected to The Divine that she exhibits lazer focused teaching and counseling skills.  Her medical intuitive skills and ability to heal long distance are incredibly effective. When my friends visit the Bay Area, I always suggest they receive from Sylvia.  She is that special.

Prana Regina Barrett, B.S., M.I.A., E.R.Y.T. C.Y.T..,  Tantra to Love


“Sylvia is a brilliant scholar with exceptional interpersonal skills. Possessing a strong ability to accurately identify problems, speedily develop solutions, and expertly implement these solutions, Sylvia’s capabilities as a spiritual teacher, healer, and personal growth educator are unsurpassed. Time and again I have seen her give 110% effort in her educational growth classes, seminars, and training sessions, resulting in opportunities for personal growth that is rarely found in comparable training. Known among her peers as a teacher of teachers, Sylvia repeatedly brings light to complex, arcane topics and better illuminates the more common subjects such that her students gain a deeper understanding far more readily than one might typically expect. On a scale of 1 to 10, Sylvia is clearly a 15!”

Lawrence Shirley

“One of the most grounded and highly transformative energy healers I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Sylvia is respectful of one’s personal willingness to do their work while at the same time opening doors for intense change. Balanced with a fun, light-heartedness approach towards life, working with Sylvia is a blast!

Dana Maralason

Sylvia is hands down the most powerful and talented healer I have ever known. She brings mind, body, and spirit into balance with her no-nonsense reflections, advice, and hands-on work. I have seen her at different stages of my life over the past 12 years, and she hits the nail on the head, facilitating important life changes every single time.”

Kaela Vronsky


“Sylvia Brallier is the real deal. She has the ability to make everyone in the room feel like she is there just for them, and she is. Sylvia is a gifted healer, teacher and coach and her unfailing commitment to her students and clients is as genuine as it is rare.
Her integrity and depth of knowledge make it easy to recommend her for anyone who is ready to take the next step, heal an old wound, or celibrate a new beginning.

Rowan Blaisdell

“Sylvia Brallier is one of the most powerful healers I have had the privilege to work with. She is acutely aware of your situation from the moment you meet her and through her therapy that treats the individual from a holistic viewpoint–body, mind, and spirit--she is able to provide you with the necessary path to begin your own transformation.”

Jim Annoreno, Programmer/Analyst II, Stephens Media Inc

“Sylvia’s work shimmers with insight, compassion, brains. She’s brave and wild and knowledgeable. Count on her to get you to the edge, and be there before you!”

Tim Anderson, MDiv,