Shamanic Events


Shamanic Healing Ritual


Trance, Dance and Breathwork 


DEC 12th at 2pm

in El Sobrante, CA
Rides from the BART station will be arranged for those who need them




Reclaim Lost Power through Recapitulation10150160948304210

Sunday, October 25th, 7-10pm

EL Sobrante, CA.


When we have trauma occur in our lives, a part of our energy “Freezes in time.” That energy is not available to us in the present, and keeps us stuck in detrimental patterns and beliefs from the past. This powerful technique helps the practitioner recover lost energy, heal old traumas, and release out modes belief systems in order to manifest a higher reality in the present and future.

This is a powerful and important technique that truly, you can never do too much of. It is Necessary with a Capital “N,” as it helps us prevent getting derailed by the vagaries of life. Life keeps coming on with more stuff to deal with! Damn! Clean up on Aisle 9! Let’s do this thing.

Please get back to me ASAP to sign up if you’d like to attend. There are ONLY 6 more spaces open. A donation of $30 requested.

Sunday, Oct 25th, 7 pm -10 pm
The El Sobrante address will be given upon registration. You MUST send an email to: and clarify your intention to attend. A FB “yes” Is great, but it doesn’t get you a space. Please confirm now to be sure you are in. Address given upon registration. Rides from BART can be arranged.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday evening!