FAQ Page for the Tantric Shamanism Mystery School


Tantric Shamanism? Does that mean we get to have orgies? 
Sorry no. Sexuality is one aspect of our being that we’ll be addressing, but this isn’t “sex therapy” or “sexual enlightenment” style Tantra. This is energy body refinement- life upgrade Tantra. Sexual energy is an important aspect of who we are but just one part. This is integrative work that includes all aspects of the self.


Shamanism? Does that mean we’ll be doing ayahuasca/san pedro/LSD/peyote/DMT cocktails? 
Sorry, no. While mind altering substances can be important tools for some, I’m personally more interested in assisting you access those states naturally through energy refinement and ceremony. I’d rather walk you through the door, rather than show to you to the window of possibility. I don’t hold a judgment that it’s wrong… it’s just not what I offer.


Confidentiality and Sharing 
We’ll be doing some deep work together. While some of you may know each other before we start, for others, it will be new friends you’ll be doing this work with. We all have different boundaries about what we want to share with the world, and what is NOT the business of others. Let’s all agree to not share the experiences of others. This rule creates a safer environment to do deep work without worrying about whether you’ll be reading about yourself on Facebook on Monday.


Mystery School…
the name says it all… and nothing. That’s kinda the point. If I told you exactly what we’d be doing, it wouldn’t be much of a Mystery, would it? Part of the point of a mystery school is to have transformative experiences that are initiatory. If you knew everything that was going to happen, it would steal from you the opportunity to get the full experience. There will be some things that might feel challenging for you, but probably nothing you can’t deal with… e.g. no five day fasts with over hot sweat lodges… promise. I’m a big fan of walking the edges… but safe and healthy edges, not dangerous ones, thank you very much. I thank you in advance for your trust, which I hold as sacred. I’m here for you. So part of our agreement needs to be that you will not divulge our processes to people who have not gone through the training. Sharing your own experiences, minus the specifics, however, is fine. The reason for this is three fold, 1. By not sharing, you don’t steal away a part of the magic for future participants. 2. I only want people who have been trained and certified through the practitioner program (ShamaSoma http://shamasoma.com) to initiate/teach/ counsel people in these methods. That way I can assure some quality control. 3. In holding silence, there is power. Don’t dissipate it. Thanks.


Payment Details
I want to keep this a closed group once we get started to promote safety and intimacy. The only way we can do that, is if everybody commits to paying the entire amount whether you have to miss a class, or not. Why? Well, in the past when I offered this class, I didn’t require people to pay up front. Some people have that kind of money sitting around, and others don’t. I like to work with both kind of folks. It just seems more fair. Unfortunately, in the distant past, since I didn’t make people pay up front, some people felt ok about dropping out half way through, leaving me (and everybody else) in the lurch with a not quite full class. Not so fair. Some of the magic we will be doing REQUIRES a minimum of 20 people to get the full ride, so we need you! Besides, I’d hate to have to add people half way through to make it work. So if you are in, please commit to the full $800 and show up as much as possible. Thanks for your understanding.


Ideal Scenario
Pay the full $800 in advance. Second option: Pay $400 before we start, and the other $400 half way through. Third option (for people who need it): Give me 7 $100 post dated checks before we start. I’ll cash them as the appropriate dates arrive. You will get what you put into it. People who put both feet in get full results. people who do this half way get half results. Which do you want? Personally, I want you to squeeze every bit of yum out of this that you can. So please show up, and do what you need to get your self fully on board.
Worried that you’ll have to miss a class or two? 
Don’t be. Kimba Joy Theurich, who has been assisting me with both the Tantric Shamanism Mystery School and my ShamaSoma Practitioner’s training will be offering 3 hour long make up classes (for a small additional fee of $20) for those who have to miss a class. So even if you have to miss, you don’t have to miss the material. Make up classes are not required, but are encouraged if your schedule isn’t behaving. Training dates for 2016 are: January 30th, Feb 20th, Mar 19th, April 16th, May 14th, June 18th, July 16th, 17th
Any other questions? Please feel free to contact Sylvia with any questions you might have.


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