What is Tantric Shamanism?

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The word tantra is derived from two root words. “Tan” comes from tanoti, which means expansion. “Tra” is derived from trayati, with means liberation. Through Tantra, we are given tools to expand our consciousness and weave our perception of all creation as limitless and indivisible as the Divine experience. This expansion liberates our energy, increasing our potential on every level. Some tantric tools for transformation are meditation, visualization, the recitation of mantras, pranayama (breath practices), awareness exercises, devotional practices, and physical practices, such as hatha yoga. Some tantric practitioners, particularly in the West, practice Tantra by approaching sexuality from a sacred perspective.

The tantric perspective approaches life without judging everything as inherently right or wrong. It sees all of life as sacred and indivisible from that which connects us all. Every aspect of life is necessary for us to grow and fully integrate the lessons we have come to the earthy plane to get. A Tibetan Lama once told me the meaning of Tantra was: “To become a living manifestation of Divinity, to become God/Goddess.”

 body chakras - healing energyWhat is Tantric Shamanism? Perhaps a good way to describe the path of tantra might be: Expanding one’s consciousness in order to become a fully manifest expression of Divinity, which is the achievement of liberation of consciousness from the notion of limitation.”

The word “shamanism” originates from the nomadic tribal people of Siberia. The word “shaman” means “to know.” A Shaman in that culture is a medicine man or woman who might perform healing both by physical means, (herbs, massage, etc..) and by spiritual means.

Our modern day culture has adopted this word to describe techniques whereby the practitioner travels between the worlds of spirit and of form for healing, and to gain understanding of the nature of reality. People who are shamanic practitioners believe that the world of spirit interpenetrates our third dimensional reality, effecting all aspects of physical reality. By mediating between the realm of spirit, and the realm of form, profound changes can be made that can effect not only our consciousness, but the quality of our lives within the context of physical reality.
Tantric Shamanism activates our ability to move between the worlds of spirit and form in order to expand and liberate our consciousness, bringing us closer to a state of Divinity.

The powerful methods for transformation that you’ll learn in the Tantric Shamanism Mystery School will serve you for the rest of your life, offering ways to shift your reality by  shifting your consciousness. Greater peace, balance, self love, equanimity and the ability to take good risks to make your life and this world  a better place are just a few of  the happy side effects.

I hope you’ll join us this year.

Sylvia Brallier, Director of The Tantric Shamanism Institute
and originator of the ShamaSoma Method.